Glycolic Skin Peel Facial

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Glycolic skin peels are a great way of removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface to allow new healthy cells to grow back and create smoother-looking skin. They help rejuvenate skin on the face, neck, hands, forearms and chest. Over the years, dead skin cells can accumulate on your face and clog up your skin. A facial peel works by accelerating a natural process already taking place in our bodies. We are constantly shedding skin, so a skin peel is, at its most basic, an accelerated form of exfoliation. It can help reduce acne scarring, reverse skin damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, remove hyper-pigmentation, liver spots and other signs of ageing.

Glycolic Acid neutralizes free radicals by reducing oxidative stress with skin improvements after the first application and with super long-lasting results. Glycolic acid helps to progressively remove corneal cells that clog follicular pores, allowing sebum discharge, emptying pustules and reducing the formation of new spots. A glycolic acid skin peel is like a super-charged version of the “brightening” peels. It uses glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid and one of the most effective exfoliating chemicals, to weaken the bonds between cells on the top layer of your skin effectively removing that top layer.

This sounds pretty gory, but remember: The top layer of your skin is basically just dead skin cells, a glycolic acid skin peel can help your skin look brighter and tighter. Other perks include stimulating collagen production (to fight signs of aging) and evening out skin tone if you’re dealing with hyper-pigmentation. In the case of acne, removing dead skin cells can also rid your skin of pore-clogging gunk.

Is a glycolic acid skin peel good for skin?

A glycolic acid skin peel seeps into the epidermis of your skin and removes dead skin cells on its surface. Once cleansed, your skin pores shrink. Glycolic skin peels can prove to be an excellent treatment for acne and acne scars. This results in your skin becoming clearer, fresher and younger looking in just a few sessions. Three Session of peels 4-6 weeks apart at a glycolic facial peel skin clinic are recommended, for optimal results.

  • Pros of a Glycolic acid skin peel: Tighter pores, less acne, more even brighter skin tone
  • Cons of a Glycolic acid skin peel: Dry, flaky skin for 5-7 days after

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