Eyebrow Fashion’s and Trends Change.

Like any aspect of fashion, preferences shift over time. Permanent tattoos tie you to a trend, which might be outdated in a few years. Microblading & Permanent Makeup lasts, approximately between 12 - 30 months, allowing you to change the look and feel of your brows as fashions change.

Permanent Makeup Tattoos, Require Two Appointments

The first appointment begins with a consultation before the treatment is performed. The second takes place about four-six weeks later and is crucial for defining and deepening the shape you desire. Also allowing for small adjustments, to be made.

Microblading & Permanent Makeup Tattoos, Produce Mild Discomfort.

Most artists use a topical cream before the procedure begins, to deal with any mild discomfort. The treatment itself uses a series of tiny needles to deposit pigment into the superficial dermis. Microblading & digital machine method, typically results in a little redness and swelling, but not much soreness.

Brow Tattoos, Do Not Stop Your Natural Hair Growth

One of the myths about microblading & Brow Tattoos, is that it interferes with the growth of your natural hair. In fact, the opposite can be the case. Microblading can temporarily stimulate hair growth, creating a fuller look.

Is Permanent Makeup Tattoo & Microblading, Suitable for Everyone?

Microblading involves piercing the skin, making it inadvisable for anyone with an immune-deficient condition, pregnant women, and people taking a blood thinner medication. If in doubt, speak with your doctor to make sure the procedure is right for you. 

Hair Stroke, Tattooed Brows & Microblading, will be Affected by Skin Type.

Drier skin types tend to hold the pigment well and retain a crisp outline. Microblading still works on oilier skin, but the result can be softer around the edges.

Healing, & What to Expect

After four or five days, you might experience some flaking, as the skin begins to heal. However, tempted you might be to pick at it, leave it alone! Picking at the partially healed skin can pull out the pigment and lead to loss of colour. All in all, your skin will fully regenerate in about a month after the treatment.

How to Protect my, New Permanent Makeup

During healing, it is best to avoid excessive sweating, and apply cosmetics to the brow or submerge your face in water. We recommend a simple cleaning routine, using water and a ph. neutral cleanser, twice a day. Avoid harsh rubbing or picking, of the treated area, until healing is complete.


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