Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage/Medical Tattooing/Cosmetic Tattooing & Vitiligo Treatment, in Yorkshire Leeds

Scar camouflage treatment at Natural Enhanced Beauty Clinic in Leeds Yorkshire, treats a variety of scars and their characteristics.  You many have surgical scars on your face, head or body.  Medical Tattooing, can help with the adding lost pigment into the lips and also give lip definition. Or maybe you have vitiligo or burn scars, there are many different types of scars and skin discolorations that we can help you with. We have a thorough consultation to discuss your options and then we can devise a bespoke plan, just for you.
Vitiligo Camouflage Treatment:

Vitiligo is an immune system condition which is often mistaken for a skin condition. The immune system wrongly recognises melanocyte cells responsible for the production of melanin as a foreign body and destroys them. In effect we observe 'bleached' patches of colour on the skin. It can similarly affect hairs that grow on the areas where skin pigment has been destroyed, resulting in patches of white hair. This deficiency of the melanocyte cells – which produce the pigment that gives the skin its natural colour – is not classified as a dangerous or life-threatening condition. It affects people of all races and can be widespread or limited to a small area of the body.
Vitiligo (pigment loss) can be a very devastating condition.

It’s not so much about affecting people physically but more about how it can make them feel and portray themselves. People can be cruel and stare or comment, which can make the sufferer very self-conscious, especially if the vitiligo is affecting the face, hands or other bare parts of the body. Many people don’t really understand the condition and people often think it can be passed by skin contact, or by secondary contact through touching the same objects, these are simply a myth. There is no known cure for vitiligo but there are ways of improving the visual part of the condition.

The Vitiligo Camouflage treatment is not for everyone: it’s very suitable to treat mid-dark skin tones, while not really advised for the pale Scandinavian and light Caucasian tones. The affected area needs to be stable for at least one year before any treatment can procedure.

Medical Tattooing - Tattoo Camouflage

Also known as Micropigmentation or Permanent Cosmetics is a method of placing pigment into the skin imitating natural skin colour on the vitiligo affected skin area. The effects of the treatment are expected to last between 1-3 years and longer in some cases.

Tattoo Camouflage Procedure

Tiny particles of natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments are placed at the epidermal level of the skin to replicate the natural appearance of skin colour. The pigments are pharmaceutical (medical) grade and approved for treatments in the UK and EU. A top of the range, safe and world recognised machine system is used for the treatment which is designed specifically for Micropigmentation procedures using only specialist, brand new, single use, and sterile needles.

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