Saline Removal

At Natural Enhanced Beauty Clinic in Leeds, we correct the problem of unwanted Permanent Makeup, depending on various factors including the amount of pigment in the skin and your desired end results. We can also offer Permanent Makeup Removal consultation, where we will advise on the best way to remove your Permanent Makeup, provide recommendations and create a bespoke treatment plan for you.

The trick to successful permanent makeup removal is not just in selecting the correct product and completing the procedure perfectly, but to also provide a flexible treatment plan that is bespoke for each client and responds to their skin and how the pigments reacts to removal.

There are various different methods for Permanent Makeup Removal depending on the skin type, area of the face, colour of the pigment/ink and depth of placement. We believe that there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the lightening or removal of unwanted pigment and we will recommend whatever modality or method is judged to work the best for each individual case. Often a series of treatments, spread over a period of time and this will be explained when creating your treatment plan.

If your particular problem Permanent Makeup is something that we can help with, we will aim to correct the existing work by removal/lightening camouflaging, covering or colour correction. Microblading and Permanent Makeup, can all be treated, with Corrective lift treatments which are Bespoke to each client. Please include as much information as possible about the area you are looking to correct as well as some pictures.

Treatments consists of tattooing sterile medical saline into the skin where the undesired pigment is present. Saline will work inside of the skin on breaking the undesired pigment apart allowing for pigments to be expelled in 2 ways: through the scab (for up to 7-12 days after the treatment) and through lymphatic system (4-6 weeks after the treatment). Several treatments might be required to achieve desired results.

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