See all our latest prices for our services below. For all enquries please email us at or call us on 07742 069593.

Semi Permanent Lip line (Single Treatment) (Normal Price: £270) £300
Semi Permanent Lip line Top Up £100
Semi Permanent Full lip colour (Single Treatment) (Normal Price: £295) £300
Semi Permanent Full lip colour Top Up £100

All top-ups, done within 12 months of treatment. Otherwise charged at (full treatment price)

Semi Permanent Eyeliner top or bottom (Single Treatment) (Normal Price: £280 each area) £250 (each area)
Semi Permanent Eyeliner top or bottom Top Up £80

Mesotherapy Revive Face single treatment £90
Mesotherapy Revive Face Course of 3 treatments £260
Mesotherapy Revive eyes Single treatment £60
Mesotherapy Revive eyes Course of 3 treatments £170

Dermapen Single treatment £80
Dermapen Course of 3 Treatments £230
Derma Roller Single Treatment £80
Derma Roller Course of 3 Treatments £230
Derapen Facial – 1 hour. Was £100, now £80
Derma Roller Facial – 1 hour. Was £100, now £80

Laser tattoo Removal from £100 (depending on size)

Upper Eyelid Treatmeant £300
Age Spots Treatments from £50
Nasolabial Fold Treatment £300
Neck Treatment from £300
Single Deep Wrinkle Treatment £100
Mole Removal Treatment from (checked by doctor, before booking appointment) £60
Crows Feet Treatment £190
Smokers Lines Treatment £300
Stretch Marks Treatment from from £300
Skin Tag Removal from from £60

Upper Lip £28.00
Chin £28.00
Cheekbones £28.00
Nose £28.00
Earlobes £28.00
Sideburns £28.00
Full Face - Special Offer £75.00

Tattoo Saline Removal (Per Session) from £90.00 (depending on area size)

Upper Lip
Check Bones
Between Eyebrows
Hands & Fingers
Feet & Toes
Back of Neck
£ 28 Each Area
Upper Lip and Chin
Jawline and Chin
Bikini – Classic
Front of Neck
Upper Back
Lower Back
Upper Arms
Lower Arms
£38 Each Area
Bikini – Brazilian/Hollywood
Bikini – Classic plus Underarms
Upper Lip + Chin plus Jawline
Ladies Beard
£49 Each Area
Full Legs £79
Full Body (Excluding Face) £210
Full Body (Including Face) £250


Please bear in mind, when making your booking, you may need to have a patch test done prior to your appointment just in case you havean alergic reaction to the pigments. You can waive the patch test requirement by signing a waiver on the patch test forms. For more details please call: 07742069593.

Booking Fee

Booking Fee £30 will be required to reserve your appointment at the time of the booking. The Booking Fee will go towards the total price of your treatment. The Booking Fee is non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled in less than 48 hours prior to your appointment time. In such situations the original Booking Fee will NOT go towards the newly rescheduled treatment. The Booking Fee is non-refundable for no-shows. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, it will be at the practitioner’s discretion to decide if you can go ahead with your treatment that day. If you are more than 30 minutes late to your appointment, you lose your Booking Fee and will need to reschedule your appointment for another date, as well as paying a new Booking Fee towards the new appointment reservation. Please note, every time you are late to your appointment it affects the rest of the appointment times after yours, please be respectful and stay professional.

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