Plasma technology can effectively remove all types of moles, skin tags. Our device uses Fusion Plasma by applying the principle of ionization of gases contained as in the air to get a small electrical arc similar to a tiny lightning.

The main principle is a superficial electric discharge (plasma) on the skin which causes the skin to shrink permanently. It is a patented modality of operation and allows it to burn the superficial part of the skin (epidermis) causing it to reduce in size. This micro lightning will cause a very targeted and localized ablation of a very thin layer of the skin tissue. The effect of the micro lightening is the ablation of the top layers of the skin.

These unsightly and unwanted blemishes can be removed quickly and easily using an Advanced Cosmetic Procedure based on a technique using micro lightning frequency. The procedure works whereby a fine probe, releases an electrical arch, in such a way as to cauterize the blood supply which gives the blemish its life source. Skin tags respond exceptionally well to this procedure, again with 100% success. This treatment has cut down the cost of many procedures that were before invasive and expensive.

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