How does it actually work?

The Fibroblast plasma pen works by releasing a small electrical charge with plasma gas through a small needle like probe. The probe at no time is invading the skin. The electrical charge causes a heated coagulation of the skin surface. Think of it as a tiny lightning bolt. The heat is not spread in any other area of the skin except for the area being treated. This stimulates the ?broblast cells to react to the “super?cial trauma” to the epidermal layers and immediately to the epidermal layers and immediately starts to tighten. In the next few weeks of healing collagen is triggered to speed up and renew the skin.

As we age our collagen production tends to breakdown. Imagine it being similar to the technique of welding except it is on the skin surface.

This process will give your client more youthful looking skin. The plasma arc when targeting the area will firstly start by rejuvenating the outerlayer known as the Epidermis. The plasma will place old skin cells with new ones as well as stimulating collagen and elastin production whilst plumping and lifting the face.

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