Non-laser pigment removal, more specifically saline removal, is a method of removing/lifting pigment molecules from the skin using simple solutions rather than lasers. We use one of the newest products of saline solutions on the market.

Do I Need Removal?

Many clients with existing work don’t realize that removal would be the best course of action for them. If your ultimate brow goals are to achieve a look that’s more natural, more hair-like, lighter in colour, a different shape, then removal is the one and only way to get there. These things cannot be achieved by adding more colour or “touching up” what’s there. Remember, removal is not just for removing PMU, it can also be used to improve it in even fewer sessions, depending on what your goals are. On the flip side, coverups/corrections are doable for clients that are open to something a little darker, a little thicker in some areas, and more filled-in than what they currently have. We’re often asked to make the removal/coverup call for clients that approach us with existing work, but these are two very different journeys that provide two very different results; we cannot make this decision for any of our clients, we recommend really weighing the options and keeping your ultimate brow goals in mind.

Can This Work for Me?

This works on all permanent makeup, old or new, including microblading! While it is still highly effective, we don’t conduct saline removal on body tattoos, lip tissue, or eyeliner at The Glow Factory. We specialize in permanent brow makeup, lipliner, and scalp/hairline micropigmentation.

Will It Hurt?

Prior to each appointment, you’ll be numbed with a topical cream for maximum comfort. After each service, you will likely feel tenderness for a few days. Otherwise, these services are pretty quick and simple!

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

Each session takes about 1 hour, but the full removal process can take as long as one year, as clients typically need ~3-6 sessions spaced out by 6-12 weeks each to achieve the desired lift.

How Soon Afterwards Can I get my Brows Done?

Removal is definitely a journey, and we will be able to achieve the BEST redo if 90% of the old pigment is lifted away. That being said, 3-6 sessions spaced out by 4-6 weeks each are typically needed for lifting healed pigment out. When you are 6-8 weeks healed from what you believe may be your final removal session, you can get in touch, to be accessed. If we determine that enough old pigment is gone, you can then book your new brows for 1 week later. We must leave 4 months between the last removal session, and the new brows, to avoid damaging the skin. This means that the entire process can take around one year.

Why Should I choose This Over Laser?

Traditionally, saline is just as effective as laser removal. It is a matter of how many sessions are needed to pull the pigment out completely, then whether or not it is possible. Whether your tattoo is 1 day old or 40 years old, saline removal will get it out in time. It does not permanently damage the tissue like lasers do (which is important if you plan to have a new tattoo done over the area later), is considerably more affordable, involves a way easier healing process, and is less painful than laser treatments by far. Saline removal also works on most colour components of a pigment, while laser is often less effective on some components, leaving you with oddly-coloured brows throughout the process.

I just Had My Brows Botched, Can You Help?

Yes! We offer emergency removal sessions that must be done within 72 hours of the PMU appointment. At an emergency removal session, we will lift as much of the pigment out as possible. Doing so within this time frame is HUGELY effective; far more effective than if we wait until the brows heal before beginning the removal process. If you feel your brows have been botched & it’s been less than 72 hours, please contact the clinic for a consultation immediately.

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